Booyeah! Apple Announces Final Cut Pro 3 For Mac OS X

Apple has released the new full version of Final Cut Pro 3 with compatibility for OS 10.1.1 and for the upcoming Mac OS 9.2.2. Final Cut Pro is Appleis professional video editing solution. The new version features many enhancements loyal users have been drooling for, and more importantly it brings Appleis own flagship software offering up to speed with its flagship OS. According to Apple:

Final Cut Pro 3 is the only professional nonlinear editor available that lets you work in the entire range of professional editing formats ? from DV to SD and HD ? within the same affordable application. Final Cut Pro 3 allows you to seamlessly work in different modes ? like editing, effects and trimming modes for example. And with Final Cut Prois G4 realtime effects, you donit need PCI hardware to preview transitions and effects in realtime.

Some features of Final Cut Pro 3:

  • Final Cut Pro 3 features a new Voice Over tool that works with the microphone built into your PowerBook G4, so you can capture audio directly to the timeline for quick scratch tracks and voice-over work right in the field
  • You also get a new set of prescription-strength color correction tools ? including primary and secondary color correctors, range checking, zebra-stripe overlays, and waveform and vectorscope monitors ? as well as precise controls to ensure broadcast-legal video levels.
  • Final Cut Pro 3 features integrated compositing (including Adobe AfterEffects plug-in support), and QuickView, a new preview mode that lets you quickly preview complex effects before you render them.
  • Advanced media management and export tools make it easy to consolidate, reconnect and move sequences, and convert to various offline or web formats.
  • New plug-ins from Boris and CGM (included) make it a snap to create stunning 2D and 3D animated titles and transitions. And the PeakDV audio editing tool from Bias provides VST plug-in support and time compression/expansion for precisely fitting audio to video.
  • And more!

You can find more information about Final Cut Pro 3 at the Apple Web site. Final Cut Pro 3 is available for US$999.00.