BoyComputer Pledges 8 Week Cocoa Port Of QuickTime Development Tool has announced its intent to port Alexander, their QuickTime Web Design Studio. Alexander allows the development of sophisticated QuickTime content. The fearless folks say that they will rewrite the app in Cocoa in very little time. According to is going to port the Alexander QT Web Design Studio to Mac OS X in just 8 weeks! This will be accomplished via the miracle of Cocoa. Cocoa is Mac OS Xis special object-oriented software design system. The OS 9 version of Alexander will also be shipping throughout 2001 and is currently available - with a free X update for people who get the OS 9 version now.

If the Mac is a digital hub, Alexander is the port that connects the hubis content to the internet. Thatis the whole point of Alexander - scan a picture, rip an MP3, think up an iMovie - then drop that stuff into Alexander and get it online in a way that looks classy and is easy to accomplish, even for a novice. Now we are going to bring this power to Mac OS X users. passionately believes in the vision of Mac as digital hub, and weire counting on Mac users to join us in making that a reality.

As a service to the whole Macintosh community, will make the QuickTime authoring Cocoa objects we create to power our own software available for download to everyone who develops Cocoa apps! Cocoa is highly object oriented, so by distributing these objects other developers will be able to rapidly build more QuickTime powered software for Mac OS X. This is why desperately needs to spread the news about Alexander on news sites and by word of mouth. We are attempting to make excellent products and to spur OS X software development. We can only continue our crusade to make the best OS X software if Mac users stop by the site and download Alexander now. As long as there is evidence that the Mac community wants special Mac software based on Apple technology such as QuickTime and OS X, we wonit be under pressure to port anything to Windows and we will be able to continue offering great software to Mac users and unique contributions to the Mac development community.

The Alexander QuickTime Web Design Studio is available (for Mac OS 9) for US$30. You can find more information at