Break Out The Cigars: 9 Pound Spanish Mac User Meeting Born

CAMPUSMAC has organized a new Mac user meeting in Malaga, Spain, and is expecting to hold its first week-long meeting in August 2002. Several members of the Spanish Mac community are involved in the promotion of the event. According to CAMPUSMAC:

On September the 1st 2001 the association CAMPUSMAC was constituted in Malaga (Spain) with the goal of organizing the first Spanish Mac users meeting.

This meeting will take place in Malaga in early August 2002, with a duration of 5 days and a central focus on digital video edition on the Mac platform. Conferences, workgroups, and other activities of interest to Mac users will take place simultaneously. The event will also count with a local area network (LAN) to enable the participants to connect their Macs so as to achieve the maximum interactivity between all the participants and the different work areas.

Among the promoters are some well known members of the Spanish Mac Community such as:

Juan Diaz (Director of MacByte magazine and coordinator of the Barcelona MUG S), Paco Román (Moderator of Mac Forum), Felipe Rodriguez and Christian van Merkestyn (Members of Cool Crew), Jose Felix Navarro, (Coordinator of the Seville MUG), Jorge Salvador Caffarena (Coordinator of the Malaga MUG) and Miguel Cornejo (Editor of Macuarium).

You can find more information about the newborn Spanish MUG at the CAMPUSMAC Web site.