Breakthrough Distance Learning Program Launched

The University of Georgia has teamed up with R/Com Networks to launch an online, interactive, affiliated learning program, the Media School. The Media School offers full accredited, online, interactive classes that aim to go a step beyond the convential scope of distance learning situations. According to University of Georgia representatives:

July 19, 2000 will mark the beginning of a new standard in online learning with the launch of MediaSchool. A product of California-based R/com Networks (, MediaSchool (, is a for-profit, on-demand, web-based school that offers University certification.

MediaSchool is designed to stand out from the increasingly crowded online education and training market. "We spent a long time studying the market," says Barrett. "We brought education experts and media experts onboard as advisors. We leveraged the evolving technology of the Web to bring a lot of bells and whistles to our classes. We did something thatis very rare in eBusiness – we took our time. We studied what we were doing. We didnit rush in."

The result is a powerful training engine running an eLearning site that offers students something very different:

University Certification. <>

    Gone are the days when distance education meant little or nothing to the marketplace. MediaSchool students will earn certification from the University of Georgia.

24/7 Classes. <>

    There are no "appointments" in this learning environment, only courses available when students are ready to learn.

True Interactivity. <>

    This is not the online learning of even six months ago. MediaSchool uses all the technology the web is capable of today.

Proven Experts. <>

    MediaSchoolis partnership with the University of Georgia and its relationship with Media Arts professionals around the country mean that this is information a student can trust.

Choices. <>

    Students will choose how they want to learn at MediaSchool, what they want to learn, whether they want to earn credit or not, and even how they want to pay for their education.

You can find more information at the MediaSchool web site.