Briksoftware Launches Codebeach for Developers

Briksoftware announced the launch on Monday of, a repository for software developers to contribute shared code.

"Codebeach is mean to complement developers mailing lists and forums with a central repository, where useful snippets and classes are to be stored, that is easy to search and has some powerful features which are not found on regular forums and mailing lists. All the code to be found in codebeach is considered to be public domain and is usable in commercial applications," the announcement said.

The site rules are simple:

  • Code MUST compile and work on Mac OS X.
  • Submitted code is to be considered under public domain. In particular you must agree that your submissions may be used in commercial applications.
  • Class names must have some kind of prefix to avoid naming conflicts.

For more information, contact:Michele Balistreri