Brushfire 2.0 Now Shipping From Chaparral

Chaparral Software has released a new version of Brushfire, bringing it to version 2.0. Brushfire is a script file utility designed for debugging and clean up of FileMaker Pro solutions. The latest release features expanded object analyzing and reporting. According to Chaparral Software

Chaparral Software today announced the immediate availability of Brushfire 2.0, an update to its script analysis utility for FileMaker Pro 5 through 5.5.

Brushfire is a script analysis utility for intermediate and advanced FileMaker(R) Pro users, developers and DBAs. Brushfire rapidly detects and organizes FileMaker Pro script errors, details, and cross-reference information from all files of a FileMaker Pro 5.0 (or above) solution. With Brushfire, users debug, clean-up, and document their FileMaker Pro based solutions conveniently and quickly.

Brushfire 2 is a substantial upgrade to the blazing fast and well-regarded FileMaker Pro analysis package that adds comprehensive field, layout, relationship, and dependency analysis reports to its suite of script analysis capabilities. Brushfire 2 continues to use HTML as a presentation mechanism, retains its fast performance and adds many new error and overview reports.

The main difference between Brushfire 1.5 and Brushfire 2 is the number and type of FileMaker objects analyzed and the depth of the reports. Where Brushfire 1.5 focused on scripts, Brushfire 2 presents more error reports, provides much more detail about the interdependency of FileMaker Pro objects on the File level, as well as complete Uses and Used-By cross referencing for Fields, Layouts, Relations and Scripts.7

You can find more information about the Brushfire update at the Chaparral Software Web site. Brushfire 2.0 is available for US$129.95 for previous users, while the full version is available for US$249.95.