Bryce 5 Tutorials At The Atomic Library

The Atomic Learning Library has released a new tutorial for Corel Bryce 5. The tutorials are streamed in short 30 second to 3 minute video segments, and are designed as an introduction to Bryce 5. According to The Atomic Learning Library:

The Atomic Learning Library has released itis Corel Bryce 5 screen-movie tutorial series featuring the Mac OS X version of Bryce, and demonstrating the power of the Sorenson 3 codec included in QuickTime 5.

This series features nearly three hours of narrated tutorials broken down into 30-second to 3-minute movie "Atoms" that stream over the Web almost instantly, even over a 56K modem connection.

You can find more information about the Bryce 5 screen-movie tutorials at The Atomic Learning Library Web site. A one year subscription to the library is available for US$49.99.