Bryce Camp Now Enrolling

The Fourth Annual Bryce Camp is scheduled for May 20th-24th in Sedona, Arizona. The Bryce Camp is a five day training seminar designed to introduce students to the world of Corelis Bryce 3D imaging software. Computer graphics artists will be teaching the classes and feature talents like Susan Kitchens, author of "Real Worlds Bryce 4". According to the Bryce Camp:

Bryce Camp will be held for the fourth time May 20-24 2002, in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Students will have the opportunity to spend 5 intensive days in a first-class Mac/PC lab, improving their mastery of Corelis 3D natural landscape software with help from some of the best Bryce talent in the world.

The faculty will include "Real World Bryce 4" author Susan Kitchens, as well as Hollywood digital artist Chris Casady, world-renowned computer artist and computer graphics researcher Dr. Ken Musgrave, 3D artist Scott Tucker, and 3D artist and animator Clay Hagebusch.

The event is sponsored by Corel, Pandromeda, Peachpit Press and Electric Image. It will be held at the Sedona Center for Arts and Technology. Attendees will be using the latest PC and Macintosh workstations at the Sedona Centeris media lab. The lab is fully networked with a T1 line and plentiful peripherals like Wacom tablets, CD burners, scanners, and printers. A VR tour of the media lab and of the incredible sights around Sedona can be seen at

You can find more information at the Bryce Camp Web site. Bryce Camp tuition is available for US$995.00.