Bubble Trouble Floats To OS X

Ambrosia Software has released an OS X version of Bubble Trouble for Mac users. Bubble Trouble X is based on the arcade classic, and features gameplay within the confines of an aquarium. Fitting for the Aqua based OS X, which it now boasts support for. According to Ambrosia Software:

Thatis right! Ambrosiais classic game Bubble Trouble is now swimming in Aqua on Mac OS X, along with a spiffy new level editor. Bubble Trouble X also features improvements such as being able to play it in the multi-tasking friendly "in a window" mode.

Bubble Trouble is a classic arcade game in which cutthroat fishies are playing hardball in a squabble over some very wet turf. Think of it as splatball for insufferably cute seafaring critters (hey, they need their fun too).

Bubble Troubleis world is filled with lusciously-drawn cartoony critters who give that cranky crab from "The Little Mermaid" a run for his money. But money isnit what youill be running from: an otherwise peaceful fish bowl has been filled with bubbles that are being tossed around in an enthralling game of "Squish the Fish!"

You can find more information about the Bubble Trouble X release at the Ambrosia Software Web site. Bubble Trouble X is available for US$15.00.