Build Your Own Dock Menus

The Dock in Mac OS X is a handy place to keep the applications and files you use all the time. Adding folders, however, opens up new possibilities. Try dragging your Documents folder to the document side of your Dock (If your Dock is at the bottom of your Desktop, thatis the right side - next to the Trash icon.). Clicking and holding the folderis icon gives you a pop-up menu that shows its contents, complete with fly-out menus for any sub-folders.

Adding your Documents folder to the Dock gives you a menu showing all of your files.

Now make the Dock work for you: Use folders to organize your Dock items and free up space at the same time. Try making a folder that contains aliases to your favorite applications, or one that holds documents you use on a regular basis.

Make your own folders with aliases to the applications you use all the time.