Build Your Own Mac Report

Your Mac may be more than the sum of its parts, but itis still nice to know what all those parts are. With a little help from System Profiler, you can make your own report that shows everything about your Mac, including hardware and software inventories, and component serial numbers. Hereis how:

  • Choose Apple menu > About this Mac.

  • The More Info button launches System Profiler.
  • Click the More Into button to launch System Profiler.
  • Choose File > Save As so that you can save your system report in a format that other applications can view.

  • System Profiler lets you save reports for later viewing.
  • Choose a file type from the File Format pop-up menu. I selected Plain Text so that I can open my system report in any text editing application.
  • Save your system report some place that you can find.

The report that System Profiler generates includes a description of your Mac, hardware serial numbers for your computer and other components like your internal hard drive, a full inventory of installed applications, operating system version, and more.

System Profileris report shows nearly everything about your Mac.

This is an easy way to build a comprehensive inventory of your Macs and software. You never know when it will come in handy, so be sure to make a backup of the system report.

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