Bulk E-mail App Updated...Again

Maxprog has updated their bulk e-mail program, MaxBulk Mailer, to version 1.7. MaxBulk Mailer allows users to easily send large numbers of e-mails via a simple user interface. Designed for use by large clubs, businesses, or other organizations, MaxBulk Mailer can help simplify the distribution of memos and other announcements. According to Maxprog:

MaxBulk Mailer v1.7 is available from now at our website with several improvements, new features and bug fixes:

  • POP Authentication: Sometimes SMTP server require an authenticated POP connection in order to allow access.
  • Advanced Open Transport error handler.
  • New connection Log handler.
  • Maxbulk now doesnit stop on errors but flag failed recipients and continues delivery.
  • "Group mail" option now has two functions and can be used with custom option checked in order to force Maxbulk to close a connection and open a new one every x recipients. With Custom recipient unchecked, it uses x recipients in BCC as before but also close and open a connection for every mail sent. This feature is for user which ISP has an amount mails limit by session.

Since v1.5, Maxbulk Mailer can be registered as Standard or as Pro Version. The Pro version support tags also in Subjet and add 10 optional Tags for mailmerge using the new 10 columns in address list allowing to import specific information from your database and send it to your recipients using this new optional tags very handy for software developer who need to send serials, shools who need to send scores to their alumni and so on...

MaxBulk Mailer is a full featured mail-merge and bulk mailer for Macintosh. MaxBulk Mailer is able to send commercial mailings to up to several thousands of emails address using a complete customizable tags set. MaxBulk Mailer is fast, fully customizable and very easy to use. It uses mailings as documents with configuration data, mailing text and mailing list built-in. MaxBulk Mailer handles both plain text and HTML documents.

MaxBulk Mailer is available for US$9.90. You can find more information at the Maxprog Web site.