Bulk Email Utility Maintenance Update From Maxprog

Maxprog has released a maintenance update for Maxbulk Mailer, bringing it to version 2.6. Maxbulk Mailer is an email utility designed for mass commercial email delivery. The maintenance update has performance enhancements and bug fixes. According to Maxprog:

If you have a business that requires contacting large numbers of clients and customers or other contacts, MaxBulk Mailer will save you lotis of time!

Maxprog is proud to present a new release of Maxbulk Mailer, new version 2.6, available now on Maxprog website with several interesting improvements, new features and bug fixes. (Full list at bottom)

MaxBulk Mailer 2.6 new features:

  • MacOS X and Entourage recipient drop support
  • Custom headers editor. Now you can add custom headers to your mails like iError-Toi, iOrganizationi, iCommentsi, iCci...
  • Unix and DOS line breaks enhanced support for recipients imports


  • Faster mail delivery when using multiple connections

You can find more information about the Maxbulk Mailer at the Maxprog Web site. Maxbulk Mailer 2.6 is available for US$34.90.