Bulk Email Utility Updated With POP Authentication

Maxprog has released an update for Maxbulk Mailer, bringing it to version 2.8. Maxbulk Mailer is an email utility designed for mass commercial email delivery. While that unfortunately includes tools that spammers can use, this product also has uses for legitimate commercial e-mail. The update features a boatload of performance enhancements including POP authentication and bug fixes. According to Maxprog:

Maxprog is proud to present a new release of Maxbulk Mailer, new version 2.8, available now on Maxprog website with several interesting improvements, new features and bug fixes.

Whatis new:

  • New POP UserID entry for authentication
  • Recipient edition dialog is now displayed when double-clicking entry icon
  • Detailed Delivery report including successful and unsucessful e-mail adresses
  • Hyperlink manager. Allows you to add preformatted hyperlinks to your documents
  • Applescript support with Examples(Pro only)

You can find more information about the Maxbulk Mailer update at the Maxprog Web site. Maxbulk Mailer 2.8 is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$34.90.