Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab Ported To Mac OS X

Freeverse Software has brought its popular puzzle game Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab to Mac OS X. The new title is effectively version 1.6 of the game, but it has been modernized for Mac OS X, and runs natively in the new OS. It also adds support for GameSmith, and removes support for GameRanger. It is otherwise the same game as version 1.6 of the Classic Mac OS game. The company has labeled the game Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab 2.0. From Freeverse:

Freeverse Software, the premier maker of card and puzzle games for Apple Macintosh computers today released Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab 2.0 for the worldis most advanced operating system, Mac OS X. The puzzle game challenges players to match sinking colors and shapes either alone or against an opponent.

The software features two puzzling games. Color Reaction challenges users to match colored parts of shapes. Hex bonding is a simpler row-building game, with hexagonally linked shapes.

In addition to solo, 2-player, and Internet play, Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab includes Mission mode, a goal-oriented game, as well a Zen mode, in which each piece movement creates a pentatonic note in a soothing melody to calm your inner-chimp.

Burning Monkey Puzzle Lab 2.0 is trialware priced at US$19.95. Purchasers of the Freeverse CD-ROM also get Burning Monkey Puzzle Labis 6 bonus characters. You can find more information on the game at Freeverseis Web site.