BusinessWeek: Mix Jobs, Disney, Apple 'Carefully and in Small Doses'

While Wall Streetis reaction to Disneyis purchase of Pixar has been mostly positive, BusinessWeekis Arik Hesseldahl warns in his latest Byte of the Apple column that Steve Jobs, Disney and Apple "should be mixed only carefully and in small doses, lest the resulting combination prove volatile."

However, Mr. Hesseldahl acknowledges that "done right, the possibilities are enticing. First, what might the creative geniuses at Pixar do with access to Disneyis trove of animation intellectual property? Pixar-made movies, shorts, and TV shows could now star updated 21st century iterations of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck -- even Clarabelle Cow. New characters will refresh the Disney magic across its many lines of business, from features to TV to theme parks."

"This is the kind of synergy that makes a good deal of sense," he added. "Disney needs Pixar to put more life back in the Mouse House, while Pixar needs Disney to grow into what it can ultimately become."

As for Apple, that company will not only gain in the form of more video content for the iTunes Music Store but also in a better understanding of the digital media distribution world, thanks to Mr. Jobsi seat on Disneyis Board of Directors. Mr. Hesseldahl also noted: "Having Appleis top executive and co-founder associated with the worldis premier family-entertainment brand canit help but give Apple and its products a family-friendly stamp of approval in certain circles."