BusinessWeek: Steve Jobs, The Great Innovator

BusinessWeek has named Apple CEO Steve Jobs one of its "Great Innovators" as part of a weekly series the business magazine is running on people who have innovated in technology, management, finance, marketing, or government. This weekis installment features Mr. Jobs as a tech innovator based on his success in founding Apple, resurrecting Apple, and running Pixar. From the article:

Jobsis contribution? More than anyone else, he brought digital technology to the masses. As a visionary, he saw that computers could be much more than drab productivity tools. Instead, they could help unleash human creativity and sheer enjoyment. A marketing genius, he conceived of elegant products that captured consumersi imaginations. And as a relentless perfectionist, he came up with creations that actually delivered on their promise -- raising the bar for rivals. "From the time he was a kid, Steve thought his products could change the world," says Lee Clow, chairman of TBWA/Chiat/Day and Jobsi longtime ad man.

Other people so honored as Great Innovators include Jack Welch, former CEO of GE, venture capitalists Robert Swanson and Herbert Boyer, Holiday Inn founder Kemmons Wilson, and Elvis Presley. You can see the full list at BusinessWeekis Great Innovators home page.

There is more on Steve Jobs in the full article.