Business 2.0 "Re-Imagines" Apple's Product Line

In a curious, but interesting piece, Business 2.0 has published a photo-essay called "Re-Imagining Apple." The 5-part piece looks at several theoretical Apple products, each presented as 3D product mockups. What makes the article the most interesting is not so much the design of the products, but rather the designer, because he was chief designer at Apple until shortly before Steve Jobs came back to the company.

According to the business magazine, "the product images accompanying this story were created for Business 2.0 by award-winning design firm Pentagram. The project was led by Robert Brunner, who was Appleis chief designer from 1989 to 1996 and who oversaw the design of the PowerBook line, among many other hit products."

Observant Observers will note that each of the products, a "Podwatch," a wireless iPod, a "vPod" (for video), the "iHome," and the "iPhone," look like you might have expected them to look today back in 1996, and that begs the question, "whatis the point?"

That said, the photo essay offers an interesting look at these theoretical products, and includes a very brief description with each one.