Business 2.0 Recommends Startup Companies Support Mac

If you want your startup companyis new product to be successful, make sure it supports the Mac platform. These words of advice come from Om Malik in a column for business magazine Business 2.0.

According to Mr. Malik, the fact that the Mac platform is small guarantees that a new product will get more attention than it would if competing with the teeming masses of the Windows world.

"Rolling out a product for the Mac platform ensures a certain buzz and élan, which begets more buzz, which begets sales," reasoned Mr. Malik.

He also postulated that most of the influencers around are Mac users, especially among tech writers. This, he said, means that new companies are more likely to have their products talked about and used, which also is a benefit.

Mr. Malik concluded by saying that developing for the Mac platform gives companies a great salesman, the CEO of Apple.

"If youire thinking about starting a new company and building a cool product," he wrote, "put that salesman of cool, Steve Jobs, to work for you."

There is more in the full article at Business 2.0, which we recommend as an interesting read.