Business Week Ranks Apple In The Top 50 World's Most Valuable Brands

Business Week has released a new listing of the worldis Top 100 Most Valuable Brands, and our favorite computer maker has made the top 50. Although there were a host of computer related brand names higher on the list, including Microsoft, Sony, Compaq, Dell, IBM, Intel, Apple did rank higher than such industry powerhouses as AOL, Yahoo!, Texas Instruments, and Motorola.

Apple was ranked at number 49 with a $5.46 billion estimated brand value. Coca-Cola is the number one rated brand with an estimated value of a mind blowing $68.95 billion. Microsoft is number two with an estimated value of $65.07 billion, followed by IBM at $52.75 billion, GE at $42.40 billion, and Nokia at $35.04 billion.

The entire Business Week report is available in PDF format from their Web site.