Butter Up Your Seabiscuit With Horse Racing Manager From VP

Virtual Programming Ltd. has announced the upcoming release of Horse Racing Manager for the Mac platform. Horse Racing Manager is a game set in the world of high-stakes equine racing. Players will be able to assume such roles a jockey or owner, and the game play shifts depending on chosen roles. According to Virtual Programming:

Virtual Programming are pleased to announce that it will publish Horse Racing Manager for the Mac later this year. The game, which is currently in development at VP, will allow players to enjoy the sport of kings as an owner, a breeder, a trainer, a jockey, or a gambler.

Depending on which role players choose to assume, the game will play very differently. As an owner, for example, players will have to concern themselves with finances and staffing, while breeders will spend their time seeking the right horses to produce future champions with.

Horse Racing Manager lets you enjoy the sport of kings at all levels. Choose whether to play the game as an owner, breeder, trainer, jockey or punter. Each activity will require specific know-how that you will be able to acquire with each play.


  • Breed and train your own horses
  • Place bets on all races
  • Full 3D engine when viewing a race
  • Simulate, view and manually control your horse during races
  • Real life race tracks and locations
  • Hire and Fire staff for you stable
  • Race your horse and place bets in online races

You can find more information about the upcoming Horse Racing Manager release at the Virtual Programming Ltd. Web site.