BuyMusic Customer Posts Experience With Purchasing Albums

A post by Jennifer at Scriptygoddess is detailing the trials and tribulations of being a BuyMusic customer, or rather an ex-customer, in this case. Jennifer decided to buy two albums from BuyMusicis new service, but almost immediately had issues and problems.

First of all, according to Jennifer, BuyMusicis download system apparently requires the buyer to click on each individual song in an album in order to download them. In addition to that, the songs will not play until they have phoned home to BuyMusic to verify the license. Thatis understandable in itself, but Jennifer complains that she had to verify each and every song one at a time, and it just got worse from there. From Scriptygoddess:

Now that Iive heard the music, I want to burn a CD (like they say you can do) so I can listen to it in my car.

Third and VERY big problem.
Since Iim using Windows200, they force you to use a windows media plugin made by Roxio. Roxio doesnit even really mention this plugin on their site except for a one year old press release. (I went there hoping theyid have an update). This plugin CRASHES consistently EVERY time I try to burn a CD. It is simply impossible to create a cd from my machine using that plugin. (Trying to use another plugin like Nero doesnit work. The license for the songs only works with that Roxio plugin).

So I figure, OK, Iim allowed a few more downloads of these songs. Iill download it to my husbandis machine. Heis running WindowsXP, Iim guessing since itis a new OS, the plugin is also probably newer, and maybe it will work better.

And here comes problem number four.
The "Main" license is the one I downloaded the first time to *my* machine (the windows 2000 box with the defective Roxio plugin). Subsequent downloads are "secondary licenses" from which you are not allowed to transfer to a mobile device, burn a cd, or do ANYTHING with except listen to them on that one machine.

Believe it or not, it continues to go downhill from that point. You can read the rest of the story at Scriptygoddessi Web site.