Buy An iPod & Any New Mac, Get US$100 Off

Apple has unveiled a new promotional offer that has been hoped for by many Mac users. The company is offering a US$100 rebate to customers who purchase any iMac, iBook, PowerMac, or PowerBook, along with either the 5 GB or 10 GB iPod, between April 23rd and June 30th. You can look at that as a US$299 5 GB iPod, or a US$399 10 GB model, or you can look at it as US$100 off the price of a new Mac, but either way you slice it, itis a very good deal. From Appleis Web site.

Enjoy more music for less money. Purchase any iMac, iBook, Power Mac, or PowerBook and an iPod between April 23 and June 30, 2002. And get a $100 rebate on the iPod, Appleis ultraslim, FireWire-fast MP3 player. Choose the 5GB iPod or the new 10GB iPod—and put up to 2,000 songs in your pocket.

You will need to download the mail-in coupon to take advantage of this offer and to view the Terms and Conditions.

The rebate coupon is in the form of a PDF file that can be downloaded from Appleis Web site. You can find more information on the promo offer at Appleis Web site, as well. Thanks to Observer BlueDjinn for the heads up on this offer.