Buzzle Liquidator: Apple Should Pay Costs, Legal Fees

The latest episode of the ongoing drama surrounding failed Australian Apple reseller, Buzzle, has Buzzleis liquidators asking for legal fees and remuneration for costs. After last monthis findings that liquidators Armstrong Wily were not biased against Apple, and that Appleis hand in Buzzleis swift downfall was "ripe for investigation," the debate has turned to the all-important matter of whoill be paying. An article in Australian Reseller News has the details:

In addition to seeking an award for legal costs, Armstrong Wily submitted a claim for "liquidatoris costs", effectively seeking remuneration for the liquidator for time spent on the case.

"Neither the liquidator or unsecured creditors should be out of pocket," (Wilyis barrister) Aldridge said.

Acting for Apple, Clayton Utz partner, David Cowling, rejected the suggestion that Appleis action against Armstrong Wily had been without substance. He also argued against the liquidatoris claim for remuneration, as distinct from legal costs, as "wrong as a matter of law".

The case continues later this month.