C-Net Reports High End iMacs Are In Short Supply, New Models Likely

C-Net is reporting that the iMac DV+ and the iMac DV SE are in short supply in the retail channel and "Temporarily Unavailable" at the Apple Store. Ian Fried, the author of the report, is also suggesting that this might be indicative of new products on the horizon. According to the C-Net article:

In what could be yet another harbinger of new iMacs, supplies of Apple Computeris two high-end models have dwindled at retailers and vanished from the Mac makeris online store.

Apple announced a $200 instant rebate on the $1,299 DV+ and $1,499 DV Special Edition models last month. Now the models are listed as unavailable at Appleis online store, and several retailers, including New York-based J&R Computers, report little or no stock of the DV+ and DV Special Edition models.

Both systems include a DVD drive. Analysts have been speculating recently that Apple may quickly augment or replace the DVD drive with a CD-rewritable drive to take advantage of the companyis new iTunes software, which allows people to play MP3 files and record their own CDs.

Apple often offers incentives on its computers just ahead of new product releases. Gartner analyst Chris LeTocq said Apple appears to be preparing to introduce new systems with CD-RW drives.

"The reason you have rebates is because you want to clear out inventory," LeTocq said. "You need to clear out inventory because you have new systems you think will sell better."

David Bailey, an analyst at Gerard Klauer Mattison, said Apple may also boost the processor speed and perhaps move from the G3 chip to the newer G4 used in the PowerMac and PowerBook lines aimed at professionals.

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