CAD-COMPO Now Features OS X And Illustrator 10 Support

CValley, Inc. has released an OS X compatible version of CAD-COMPO for Mac users. CAD-COMPO is an engineering utility bundle that ships with both BPT-Pro and EXDXF-Pro, and is designed for CAD environments. The two apps work as plug-ins with Adobe Illustrator. According to CValley:

CValley, Inc. announced that their CAD plug-in software for Adobe Illustrator is now compatible with Adobe Illustrator 10 on Mac OSX.

CAD-COMPO includes BluePrintTools-Pro and EXDXF-Pro. They are designed for a wide range of users, from those who have never used CAD software to CAD professionals.

BPT-Pro let you draw simple blueprints, design with dimension lines or even measure over a curved line. BPT-Pro consists of 13 high quality tools, accessed through the Illustrator toolbox, with a convenient information toolbox, giving users the familiarity of the Illustrator interface. BPT-Pro not only can display measurements of all or parts of segment dimensioning but also measures free curves. With BPT-Pro, your Adobe Illustrator software becomes a powerful 2D-CAD program.

EXDXF-Pro converts Bézier curves from Illustrator to a smooth line with minimal anchor points, while maintaining the curve’s precision. EXDXF-Pro has the capability of converting files from the standard CAD format DXF to Illustrator (AI) format. It exports Illustratoris Bézier curves to DXF and also imports files accurately. It offers industry-standard formats, including the R12 and R13 standards, which can be imported into most CAD programs.

You can find more information about the OS X version of CAD-COMPO at the CValley, Inc. Web site. CAD-COMPO is available for US$139.95.