CBS MarketWatch: Jobs On The Eye-List

Hereis a question: If you had to select 10 people in the media industry to keep track of in 2004, who would you pick?

Being the Apple fan that you are, Steve Jobs is likely tops on your list, but what is cool is that heis tops (or nearly so) on a list from CBS MartketWatch. Our favorite CEO is listed with the leaders of entertainment companies, like Jeff Bewkes, chairman of Time Warner, and Bob Iger, the likely heir apparent to the CEO seat at Disney. From the article, The media people to watch in 2004:

THE VISIONARY: Steve Jobs: He bears watching every year. First, Jobs conquered Silicon Valley in the 1980s with Apple Computer. Then he helped transform animated movies in the 1990s with Pixar Animation Studios. Now he is revolutionizing the way that people listen to music, with the iPod and iTunes. Stay tuned.

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