CBS Marketwatch Reports More Analysts Forecasting Flash iPod

CBS Marketwatch reported on Monday on two analysts who are publicly saying that Apple will introduce a Flash iPod at Macworld Expo next week. Shaw Wu of American Technology Research and Steve Lidberg of Pacific Crest Securities have both said they expect Apple to make such a move.

"This is widely expected," Mr. Wu told CBS Marketwatch. "We think it makes sense. Appleis doing well today without anything in this part of the (digital music) market, but this could double their opportunities."

Mr. Wuis first comment to this effect came in mid-December, when he said: "We believe that Appleis success in the digital music space represents a good opportunity for Apple to re-accelerate its core hardware business including iMac G5, PowerMac G5, iBook, and PowerBook G4. We believe non-Macintosh users are enjoying the benefits of the unique and easy-to-use Macintosh interface through Windows and iPod versions of iTunes and QuickTime. Moreover, we believe iPod is driving increased traffic to Apple Retail Stores. We believe this combination could lure more users to the Macintosh platform." (Read more on ATRis advisory in The Mac Observeris full coverage.)

Since that advisory Mr. Wu has reiterated his position to other media outlets.

For his part, Steve Lidberg told CBS Marketwatch his firm looks "for Apple to introduce a flash-based iPod and wireless accessories and new types of audio content to monetize is customer base."

The news site also said that Mr. Lidberg "expects 2005 to be a istrong yeari for Apple to set up new partnerships to bring iTunes to more devices."

The full article has more information on the flash digital media device market and other related information.

As of this writing, AAPL is trading at 63.32, down 1.08 (-1.67%), on moderately strong volume.