CBS News Looks At Apple's Macworld Offerings

CBS News has added yet more coverage to Appleis Macworld San Francisco announcements. Dan Dubno wrote a glowing review of the iPod Shuffle, Mac mini, iLife i05, and iWork in an article titled "Think Small."

After seeing all of the consumer electronic wonders at CES in Las Vegas the week before Macworld, Mr. Dubno felt that something was missing from the show. He wrote: "A week later at Macworld in San Francisco, we found it: the new Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle."

Mr. Dubno called the iPod shuffle "ridiculously easy to use," and said, "This little white stick of joy simply is the most democratizing of music players."

From there, he moved on to the Mac mini, where he said that contrary to buying a whole new computer, complete with keyboard, mouse and monitor, "Apple has provided a very reasonably priced alternative."

He added, "The Mac Mini is not meant to be a supercomputer. Itis meant to be a super way for folks to replace a clunky, outdated PC with a zippy, fresh new Mac with minimal trouble and expense.

Mr. Dubno also discussed iLife i05, and iWork. You can read the full account in Dan Dubnois article, Think Small.

Apple has received an unprecedented barrage of positive mainstream press since Macworld Expo, with much of it sounding like Mr. Dubnois article.