CBS News Offers Ode to iPod

CBS News has published a somewhat rambling ode to the iPod by Dan Dubno, in his Digital Danis Gizmorama column. Part rambling praise, part look at iPod accessories, and part look at iPod competitors, the piece is nonetheless a very positive look at Appleis music player from a mainstream media outlet. From the article:

Letis face it: I know I have a problem. A few years ago, I started converting all my music CDs into MP3 files (and AAC files for my iPod), and realize now that by any standard of sanity, Iim clearly unwell. Having filled up hundreds of gigabytes of Maxtor hard drives with (all legal mind you!) music I find that Iim still at it: organizing and reorganizing this vast collection by genre, performer, composer, by prima donna, etc. My own digital music revolution raises some questions: Will I ever listen to all the stuff collected? When can I divest myself of the thousands of transferred (and now unused) CDS in my closets? Will improved digital codecs and new storage technology emerge that will force me to transfer all the music over again? Faced with tough questions like these, I just slip on my beloved iPod, shove the Etymotic 6 Isolator earphones deep into ear canal and, uh… what were those questions again?

Thereis more in the full article, which is at CBS Newsi Web site.