CBS News: Oh Boy! More iPods! And GarageBand Too!

"...And I shall call him, Mini Me." Dr. Evil

People absolutely love their iPods. Well, most people, anyways. The little white and silver player was a hit this past Holiday buying season, and downloading music from the iTunes Music Store seems to be as addictive as eating those potato chip that claim you canit eat just one.

So how did people react to the introduction of a new, smaller, and modestly less expensive iPod Mini? To hear CBS News columnist, Dan Dubno, tell it, the new tiny iPod is better than sliced bread, albeit expensive slice bread. Hereis a bit of Danis column, Apple Makes Sweet Music:

I?ve never been shy about my love for the iPod. It began with the groundbreaking, yet modest 5 gigabyte model, then grew into a 10 gig, followed by a 20 gig, and now to the 30 gig version. That?s thousands and thousands of songs, folks. And I keep needing more room, because I keep buying songs from Apple?s iTunes Music Store. I can so easily download whatever music I can think of in great ease legally using iTunes, I keep adding to my burgeoning library? while siphoning off the kids college fund. Sadly, I was hoping for an iPod with twice the capacity? but Apple went the other way? offering less for less.

Here?s the deal on the new iPod Minis: five colors, 1,000 songs, about 3 measly ounces. They?re heavy for their size, made of anodized aluminum and sport eight hours of battery life. Most Apple fanatics were surprised with the initial and relatively high price of $249? especially as it seems geared to expand the market to even younger music fans. But it?s fair to expect that price will go down dramatically as Apple launches even newer versions with greater capacity. Right, Apple? Cool.

The article goes on to talk about some of the cool iPod attachments, and GarageBand, Appleis new music making software. Dan even includes a tune he created in 5 minutes with GarageBand. Itis a fun and extremely positive read, so stop by CBS News and check out the full article.