CFSB: Apple & Dell Best Positioned to Gain Market Share in 2005

Credit Suisse First Boston (CFSB) said today in a research note to clients that Apple Computer and its rival Dell Computer are the best positioned to gain market share in 2005. This is line with comments from Merrill Lynch and Needham & Co. issued since Appleis new Mac mini was released during Januaryis Macworld Expo in San Francisco, both of which also see Apple as possibly gaining share in 2005.

Forbes reported Friday that the Wall Street firm sees growth for the industry as a whole in 2005 and 2006, at 8% and 7% respectively, somewhat slower than the 12% gains recorded in 2004. According to Forbes, CSFB cited a lack of significant new product introductions, inelasticity of demand and a refreshed installed base as reasons for the moderating growth.

In the December quarter, Apple posted gains of 26% in terms of unit sales over the year ago quarter based mainly on the strength of iMac sales. Appleis Mac mini goes on sales this Saturday, January 22nd.

Apple stock closed at 70.49, a gain of 0.03 (+0.04%), on moderate volume of 16.3 million shares trading hands.

Thereis more information on CFSBis research note about the industry in the Forbesi report.

Full Disclosure: Bryan Chaffin owns shares in Apple.

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