CGIScripter Updated With Image Management

.com Solutions Inc. has released an update for CGIScripter, bringing it to version 2.08. CGIScripter is a utility designed for creating Perl CGI scripts for databases. The update features support for image management withing PostgreSQL. According to .com Solutions Inc:

CGIScripter 2.08 Enterprise Edition from .com Solutions Inc. has been updated to generate Perl CGI scripts for PostgreSQL databases.

CGIScripter instantly writes Perl CGI scripts for MySQL, Oracle, Access and SQL Server databases. The robust Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter allow insert, query, update and delete for all datatypes stored within database tables (including images and large text columns). The well-documented Perl CGI scripts generated by CGIScripter utilize industry standard best practices regarding web form processing, and also include complete SQL table creation code and HTML files.

CGIScripter 2.08 fully supports inserting, updating, deleting and replacing images within the PostgreSQL database via a Web based interface on Linux/UNIX/MacOS X Web servers.

You can find more information about the CGIScripter update at the .com Solutions Inc Web site. The update is free for registered users, while the full version is available for US$50.00.