CMS Peripherals Updates ABSplus With Jag Support

CMS Peripherals has announced expanded support for ABSplus backup drives. The Automatic Backup System Plus is a line of devices designed to be a full recovery backup system for data storage. The line now features Jaguar support. According to CMS Peripherals:

CMS Peripherals(R) today announced ABSplus is now available on Mac(tm) OS X v10.2 (Jaguar), making it the first backup and restoration/recovery solution which can boot straight into Mac OS X v10.2 with a single keystroke.

ABSplus provides a native file format backup allowing the user to boot straight into an exact copy of the system on Mac OS X v10.2 in a single keystroke. Mac OS X machines with multiple users can now be automatically backed up easier than ever, including folder/file ownership and permissions.

You can find more information about ABSplus at the CMS Peripherals Web site. ABSplus portable and desktops configs start at US$299.00.