CNBC Gets Into The Guessing Game For Today's Apple Press Event

It used to be that guessing what Appleis CEO Steve Jobs was going to be announcing was under the strict purview of the Mac Web. On occasion, mainstream sources such as CNN or ZDNet would also join in the fun, but today we noticed the Jobs guessing game had hit the Big Time. CNBC correspondent Jane Wells just completed a segment on that financial cable powerhouse that was all about guessing what Steve Jobs would be introducing or announcing at todayis Apple press event, which starts at 10:00 AM PST.

To catch you up, Apple has invited mainstream journalists to a press event at which Steve Jobs would be announcing something new. Speculation from everyone, and their brother, has been running towards new iBooks, faster PowerMacs, and an announcement for new Apple retail stores.

Enter Ms. Jane Wells, who will be attending todayis press event. Her segment featured analyst speculation, as well as her own. What does she think we are in store for? New iBooks, faster PowerMacs, or new Apple retail stores.

Hey, we could have told her that... CNBC also called Appleis stock a stock to watch today, in part due to the press event.

Stay tuned to The Mac Observer for news from the press event as soon as it happens.