CNET Names 7 Apple Products As "Best"

CNET has published a round up of top products called "CNETis Top 100 Products," and seven Apple products were singled out as "Best of" their respective categories, though one of those categories is suspect. Apple scored well for its G5, the iPod and iPod mini, the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), iLife i04, Final Cut Pro, and the PowerBook. From CNETis list:

Best desktop for creative pros

Apple Power Mac G5
With the G5, Appleis Power Mac finally lives up to its powerful name. We tested the dual-processor model, and we can safely say that itis the fastest Mac ever released. If speed isnit enough to tempt you, wait until you see this systemis luxury peripherals, including Appleis stunning 20-inch Cinema Display and stylish 5.1 Klipsch speaker set. Itis no wonder that the G5 was one of the most-anticipated products of 2003.

In the software section, Apple got ringing endorsements for two of its offerings, Final Cut Pro 4.0 and iLife i04. From CNET:

Best Mac video-editing software

Final Cut Pro 4.0
Appleis Final Cut Pro has long been a leading nonlinear video-editing and effects application, but Apple has turned it into an entire suite with version 4.0. With better real-time performance, a completely customizable interface, and the ability to handle 24P footage, the new package is our choice for advanced video editing on a Mac.

Best digital media suite

Apple iLife i04
iLife i04 seamlessly integrates five excellent digital media apps--iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, and GarageBand--into the multimedia equivalent of an office suite. For example, you can build and edit playlists in iTunes and use them as soundtracks in iPhoto slide shows, iDVD projects, or iMovie audio effects. You can also burn CD or DVD archives, then send slide shows to iDVD for an automatic, TV-viewable DVD movie. The newest of the five apps, GarageBand, turns your Mac into a veritable recording studio. iLife is a must-have.

Both products are available only on the Mac, while Appleis cross-platform music management software, iTunes, was not named, per se; in the digital music world, the iTMS was named "Best online music service." The iPod and iPod mini were also tagged in the "Best digital music" category. From that list:

Best overall MP3 player

Apple iPod 40GB
When Apple gave its original iPod a makeover with an even slimmer design, we werenit sure how the company could make it any better. The answer: an extra 10GB of memory. The newest member of Appleis venerable MP3 family boasts a massive 40GB hard drive yet costs the same as the 30GB model. If youire looking for the best, most-sophisticated music machine on the block, the iPod is still singing your tune.

Best ultraportable hard drive player

Apple iPod Mini
Apple is known for making top-notch MP3 players, and the iPod Mini continues the companyis tradition of fine portable-audio products. Though it canit hold as many tunes as its older siblings, the 4GB iPod Mini boasts notable improvements, including a smaller size, a better scrollwheel, and a cheaper price. And if the original iPodis all-white stylings were too bland for you, youill be happy to know that the Mini comes in five different colors.

Best online music service

Apple iTunes Music Store
By offering flexible usage rights, high-quality tunes, and a simple pricing scheme, Apple iTunes Music Store successfully bridges the gap between laissez-faire file-swapping programs and for-fee music-subscription services. While we wish that Appleis service offered more in the way of artist info, the iTunes Music Store makes digital music feel fun again. Best of all, iTunes is now available for both Mac and PC users.

Apple also got a less than stellar endoresment as "Best Apple notebook," a somewhat less than crowded field. No other manufacturer was thus singled out, and the other notebooks listed in this category were for uses, such as "Best ultra-portable," Best-designed notebook," etc.

Best Apple notebook

Apple PowerBook G4
Last year, the Apple faithful finally got an ultraportable. It may be a little heavier than most Windows-based ultraportables, but it includes an internal DVD burner. A recent update added a faster processor and graphics, room for more memory, as well as analog and DVI outputs, making this great product even better.

You can find the full list at CNETis site.