CNN Anchor Switches To The Mac, Announces It To World In Column

CNNis Technology anchor, Renay San Miguel, has made the Switch to the Mac. Mr. Miguel covers technology issues for both Headline News and CNN, and his face is known by millions. In a column today, Mr. Miguel announced that he had made the Switch to the Mac, and chronicles the event. He semi-jokingly attributes his Switch to Tom Clancy, the Mac-using writer of thrillers, and then says:

Iive been covering technology since 1997, which was shortly after Steve Jobs returned to lead the company he originally founded in the 1970s. I was at a MACWORLD convention where Jobs brought back style and elegance to the desktop computer with the iMac, those candy-colored, retro, all-in-one computers that got all the other PC companies thinking outside the "beige box."

There was no doubt that Apple had an impressive focus on design, but what about the computer itself?

I had been previously scared off buying an Apple because of the lack of application software and the prices, which were higher than many PCs. And how intuitive indeed was the famously intuitive Mac operating system?

Sure, I had had issues with Microsoft since Windows 3.1, but I was happy with the new Windows XP operating system when it came to boot-up time and managing digital music.

Recent events helped me make a decision. Apple found itself cutting prices, with the softening of the computer market; more software companies, including Microsoft, are writing for Macs; the company opened up an Apple store in Atlanta, Georgia, and my Sony Vaio notebook decided to do its impression of the 2002-2003 Cincinnati Bengals.

Mr. Miguel also notes that the PowerBook G4 he bought very recently didnit come with Jaguar included, despite having Appleis newest OS hyped by an employee at The Apple Store. Thereis more in the full article, which we recommend as a very good read.