CNN Money Quotes Two Analysts Who Say The G5 Is Coming Today

An article at CNN Money takes a look at some of the things that Apple is expected to release later today at its Worldwide Developers Conference. According to the article, in addition to the preview of Panther, the next version of OS X, Wall Street analysts expect Apple to introduce Macs based on faster microprocessor, specifically the PowerPC 970.

Bear Sterns analyst Andrew Neff -- an analyst whose main claim to fame in the Mac world is his insistence that Apple has to move to Intel or perish -- and Roger Kay from IDC are both cited by name as saying the G5 is coming. The G5 being mentioned is from IBM, and is likely the PowerPC 970 processor developed by that company. On Thursday, an error at the online Apple Store briefly displayed information about a "PowerMac G5." From CNN Money:

As for a refreshed Macintosh microprocessor, a faster chip made by International Business Machines Corp. could help close what has been called the "gigahertz gap" between Appleis PowerPC chips and those from Intel Corp..

"Apple could preview its next-generation platform based on the long-awaited G5 chip," wrote Bear Stearns analyst Andrew Neff in a note to clients.


"The chip refresh, which people are calling the G5, seems to be a pretty obvious one," said Roger Kay, an analyst for market researcher IDC.

The article goes on to look at Appleis lowest-ever market share, and how things like the iTunes Music Store and faster processors could help bring it back up. You can read the full article at CNN Moneyis Web site.

Earlier this month, Charles Wolf of Needham & Co. also voiced his opinion concerning the PowerPC 970, saying it was coming, and upgrading Appleis stock to a "Buy" because of that, and other developments from Cupertino. See TMOis full coverage for more information.