C|Net: Apple To Open Retail Store In The Netherlands

C|Net today published a story indicating that Apple plans on opening a retail store overseas. C|Net quotes Mac retailers in Europe who have been briefed by Appleis European operations. Such a store would be a departure from Appleis US-only retail store strategy. From the full article:

Apple Computer is taking its retail store effort international next week, with plans to open a store in the Netherlands, according to people briefed there on Appleis efforts.

Patrick van Sloten, who manages Machouse, an independent Apple dealer in the Netherlands, said Apple has told dealers that it plans to open a store in Amsterdam. An announcement is scheduled for July 17, the same day Apple CEO Steve Jobs delivers a keynote address at Macworld Expo in New York.

In addition to the first store overseas for Apple, it appears that it will not be known as an "Apple Store." From the article:

Spokeswoman Patrice Hijsterborg of Apple Netherlands said that the retail outlet wonit be called the Apple Store, as "those only exist in America." An Apple U.S. representative would not comment on Appleis future plans, adding that all of its stores have been located in the United States.

The reaction of a local Macintosh dealer and more information can be found in the full story.