CNet News: iPod And Car Thieves Don't Mix

If thereis any doubt that Appleis ostensibly ubiquitous iPod has fully penetrated our culture, perhaps this story from CNet News will settle the issue. According to the article, a group of car thieves apparently had a need to carry around a lot of data, possibly because the ring rakes in some US$1.8 million. It seems that scientists and academics arenit the only ones who think of the iPod as more than a music player.

Police estimate that other members of the gang, who have yet to be caught, made off with 70 cars worth more than $1.8 million (1 million pounds) during their 10-month spree.

The gang attracted the attention of a local police officer by parking all the cars outside of a housing project. When the police raided one of the menis houses there, they discovered a range of documents stored on an iPod, including forged letters claiming the cars were paid for.

You can find the full story at CNet News