C|Net: Photoshop For Mac OS X May Be Six Months Away

Many in the Mac community have been hoping that Adobe would be releasing Photoshop for Mac OS X at next monthis MACWORLD San Francisco 2002. A C|Net article published today dashes water in the face of those so hoping. The piece focuses on how sales of Appleis hardware and the adoption rate of Mac OS X would be accelerated by the release of several key apps. Included with that is a quote from Adobeis CEO that suggests we still have longer to wait for Photoshop for X. From the article:

Upcoming software upgrades from Adobe Systems could help reinvigorate sales of professional-oriented Macs, though the biggest boost--the release of Photoshop for Mac OS X--is still up to six months away.

"Weive been saying all along, there are certain key applications that have been missing," Silver said. "One of those has been Microsoft Office, but Office is more of an equalizer. Itis really...business applications, like Photoshop, that are the most important to OS X."

Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen agreed. "Many (Mac users) are waiting for Photoshop, which we intend to release in the second quarter of next year," Chizen told CNET News.com. "We think many customers will buy not only Photoshop, but OS X, new Macs and a lot of other Adobe OS X apps."

There is a lot more information on the subject of Mac OS X in the full article, and we recommend it as a very good read.