C|Net Posts Video of Carly Fiorina Annoucing HP iPod

By now youive likely heard that HP has licensed Appleis iPod, and will be selling its own version in stores everywhere later this year. Itis big news for Apple: The company needs a way to get more iPods into more hands so that more record labels will sign onto the iTunes Music Store (iTMS), which, in turn, will make more people want iPods. Itis also big news for HP, a company that has been working to compete in the face of pressure from toaster maker, Dell.

It is big news, so big, in fact, that C|Net thinks you should hear it directly from HP CEO Carly Fiorina herself. C|Net has posted a brief video of Ms. Fiorina announcing HPis agreement with Apple, and showing off the new HP branded iPod (Itis gray!) From C|Net:

At the 2004 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina unveils the HP-branded version of Apple Computeris iPod, simply named Digital Music Player, which is scheduled for release in June.

Check out the 3 minute video at C|Net News.

Note: The C|Net News video requires Windows Media Player, which is a free download from Microsoft. If your browser cannot play the video, download and install Windows Media Player, and then run the video again.