C|Net Reporting OS X Offers Some Good, Some Bad

C|Net has posted a look at OS X, and reports that while the OS shows incredible promise there are a few snags that keep it from being everything that one might hope. C|Net points out the Unix core is the systemis greatest advantage, but lack of hardware support and native software are its biggest problem right now. According to C|Net:

Dan White, a Unix developer in Maryland, is among the Mac enthusiasts who have already picked up a copy of the new operating system.

"Iim tickled pink about it," he said. "Iive been doing Unix software development for years and years now, and when I heard Mac was going Unix, I thought, iYes!i"

Tim Deal, a Technology Business Research analyst, said White is not alone. "The release of OS X has certainly been met with great fanfare, and it appears that Appleis loyal following is wasting no time in buying a copy."

The lack of hardware and software support, however, has many people questioning whether or not they should take the "early adopter" plunge:

But little hiccups with how the new OS handles hardware--either in Mac OS X or in "Classic" mode--leaves some people stumped. Classic refers to Appleis Mac OS 9.1 environment for running older programs on the new operating system.

Ted Landau, a college professor and Web master for MacFixIt, said the number of support issues "are about what I expected. There havenit been many universal problems. Thatis a good sign.

Reactions to OS X have been mixed, and this article is no exception. The C|Net article does, however, give a fair and realistic look at what users can and should expect out of OS X.

You can read the full article at the C|Net Web site.