CORDA Tech Mails Two Buffalo To Asia For The Holidays

CORDA Technologies in the spirit of the holidays, has generously bought two water buffalo for families in need in Southeast Asia. Through the Heifer International program, the buffalo will help impoverished families farm rice and other products. According to CORDA Technologies:

Employees at CORDA Technologies, a Lindon, Utah-based developer of dynamic, interactive, and data-driven graphing solutions decided to increase the water buffalo population used in Southeast Asia rice fields by two.

It started during last yearis Holiday Season when employees decided to donate money to Heifer International to purchase a water buffalo for a family in Asia. The organization places a pregnant female animal with the stipulation that the first offspring of the animal be placed with another family in need. This helps the program become self-perpetuating, with a single gift helping an exponential number of families as the program unfolds.

CORDAis employees felt so positive about their participation in last yearis program that they decided to double their contributions and get two buffalos this year.

In Southeast Asia, water buffalo are used as farm implements in areas where environmental conditions will not permit modern farm equipment to operate.

You can find more information about the program at the Heifer International Web site.