CSS Tool Updated From WestCiv

WestCiv has released an update for Style Master, bringing it to version 2.2. Style Master is a Web development tool designed for creating cascading style sheets. The update features new sheet templates and other enhancements. According to WestCiv:

WestCiv announced today the release and immediate availability of Style Master 2.2, the cascading style sheet development environment for the MacOS.

CSS is the only acceptable standards-based approach to creating Web page appearance. Style Master enables both WYSIWYG and hand-coded development of valid style sheets.

This latest update includes:

  • attractive and innovative style sheet templates
  • automated creation of style sheets from legacy, appearance based HTML: a great aid in transitioning to CSS
  • improved find and replace, color-coded text, white space control
  • and other hand-coding helpers

You can find more information about the Style Master update at the WestCiv Web site. Style Master 2.2 is free for registered 2.x users, while the full version is available for US$29.99.