CTO of Infoworld Embraces PowerBook, Can't Quite Ditch ThinkPad

Chad Dickerson, the CTO of Inforworld, has been spent the last year managing his magazineis IT infrastructure from a PowerBook. In an article for his magazine, he says that he has embraced his PowerBook, though he canit quite ditch his IBM ThinkPad. While he has been able to use Mac OS X to work in and manage a mixed network of Windows and Linux computers, he has found some specialty software and other specialty tasks he still needs his ThinkPad to do. From the article:

About a year ago, I enthusiastically switched to OS X running on a PowerBook laptop. Since then Iive experienced the ups and downs of managing enterprise IT from a PowerBook. As a personal device, my PowerBook has become the center of my digital life in a way that my Windows laptop never did, mainly because I love the look and feel. Yet running OS X in a typical enterprise is not problem-free. A positive experience, yes, but not perfect.


In the end, the sheer elegance of OS X prevents me from dismissing it as just another operating system. I canit offer the Mac my full and blind devotion as long as I have to keep my ThinkPad close by to run IT. But Iim keeping my PowerBook closer.

The full article has details and specifics about his experience, and we recommend the article as a very interesting read, especially for those considering using Mac OS X in an enterprise environment. Weid also like to thank the many Observers who wrote in to tell us about the article.