Cable Allows Users To Extend DVI Connections

Gefen has announced a new product that allows a DVI display signal to be repeated and amplified up to a range of 50 feet. Traditional DVI connections are limited to roughly 6 feet, so the ex-tend-it DVI Repeater provides users with more flexibility in laying out a working environment. According to Gefen:

Two new cross-platform products from Gefen are geared towards helping computer professionals operate in a cleaner, quieter and more productive work environment. The ex-tend-it DVI Repeater enables a computeris DVI (digital visual interface) graphics to be flawlessly repeated and extended a distance of 50 feet. This enables a monitor to be placed far from the computer and is a real plus for professionals who rely on the crisp quality images the DVI signal emits and know its limitations: DVI is capable of extending its signal a limited distance of approximately six feet. The ex-tend-it DVI Hub operates just like the Repeater with the added benefit of duplicating the DVI signal and outputting it to two displays instead of one, both which may be extended up to 50 feet from the computer. When using the Hub, images are viewed simultaneously on both monitors or projectors at local or remote locations. For those looking to increase the distance between their computer and digital monitor for high impact multi-screen display or projection applications, the DVI Hub is an enabling solution.

Both products, designed as alternatives to the ex-tend-it DVI-100, which extends DVI monitors and projectors flawlessly up to 300 feet from the computer, will be shipping in September 2001. To extend Appleis flat panel displays with ADC connection, both DVI products require the DVI to ADC Conversion Box, also available through Gefen at Product demos will be available at the Audio Engineering Society show in New York City on September 21st through the 24th.

You can find more information at the Gefen Web site.