CalcWorks Updated, Finds A New Home

John Brochu has updated his flagship product, CalcWorks, to version 1.7.1. CalcWorks and CalcWorks SE provide users with a powerful, full-featured scientific calculator application. Mr. Brochu has also announced that CalcWorks now has its own domain, as does the parent company, Brochu Software. According to Brochu Software:

Brochu Software announced the immediate availabilty of updated versions of their popular CalcWorks calculator lineup. The new versions have been updated to include the latest official currency conversion rates and a revised title screen to reflect a move to a new dedicated domain, The main Brochu Software site (formerly "Brochu Shareware"), has also moved to New web content and a new design for both sites will be coming soon (currently both domains point to the same site).

CalcWorks and CalcWorks SE are each available for US$15. You can find more information at the CalcWorks Web site.