Calculator App Updated

Brochu Software has released a new version of their multi-featured calculator application, CalcWorks SE. CalcWorks SE can be customized to match the color schemes of the latest hardware offerings from Apple, and offers a more streamlined interface. Also, Brochu Software is offering special pricing for a limited time offer. According to Brochu Software:

CalcWorks is irrefutably the premier Calculator replacement for the Mac OS, and now, for a limited time, Brochu Shareware is offering a special Fall discount on all CalcWorks products, including the original full-featured CalcWorks application, and the "consumer-friendly" new CalcWorks SE, which includes a more streamlined design, and color-coordinated color schemes to match the latest hardware from Apple Computer. CalcWorks SE include customized color themes for the new Indigo, Ruby, Sage, Graphite, and Ice iMacs and iBooks. Now you can color coordinate your desktop calculator to your own personal iMac/iBook for the ultimate user experience.

CalcWorks is not a low-end limited function calculator. It includes full scientific function, a full 12-digit display with popup stack display, optional RPN support, a paper tap window for verifying input and printing reports, and a very intuitive interface.

If youire looking for a full-featered replacement for the outdated Apple Calc, this is certainly one of your best options.

For a limited time, CalcWorks and CalcWorks SE are available for US$10. You can find more information at the Brochu Software web site.