Calerga Releases Issues Preview Release Of Scientific Computation App

Calerga has announced a new version of SysQuake, its scientific computation program. The new version, SysQuake 2 LE, is being released as a preview release and adds new features and other improvements. According to Calerga:

Calerga is proud to announce the latest prerelease of SysQuake 2 LE, software for scientific computation and interactive graphics. SysQuake 2 LE runs on Mac OS X, Mac OS 9, and Windows computers.

This prerelease, available immediately as a free download, adds significant improvements to the Matlab-compatible programming language SysQuake is based on, such as support for objects. New libraries of functions extend SysQuake in the areas of statistics, polynoms and rational functions, and linear time-invariant systems.

SysQuake 2 LEis prerelease follows LyMEis, a scientific application for Palm handheld devices based on the same programming language.

You can find more information on SysQuake at Calergais Web site. The Preview Release is a free download.